lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

"You Are Not As Rational As You Think" . Slideshare Yang Ao Wei 楊翱維

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare de  "You Are Not As Rational As You Think" , y que nos presenta así:
"As humans, we never fail to think that we are highly intelligent beings, and that we are mentally superior than any other creatures found on Earth.
Well, that...... may be true.

However, we can be equally stupid and dumb too.

Worse still, we don't even realize it - in terms of how we can make erroneous judgments, decisions and choices, based on how our mind processes and filters information, as well as how our belief system works.

As intriguing and exciting this topic is to me, I find it difficult to illustrate the concepts involve, and that took me nearly 6 months to complete this work. (The Planning Fallacy in play?!) Throughout writing this deck, I've made a total of 8 major revisions before coming to this final piece.

I hope you'll find this deck both interesting and useful! "(leer más...)

 Fuente: [ slideshare ]

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