lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Deep Learning Glossary. @nvidia #AI #DeepLearning #ArtificialIntelligence

The postulation of a principle of causality, “to every effect there is a cause,” has been a continuing central problem for philosophy (Popper, 1972). Its role as a source of contention in modern science (Jauch, 1973) is epitomized by Einstein’s remark that, “I can’t believe that God plays dice.” Many of the arguments about the application of the principle are very relevant to systems science and to problems of system identification and machine learning, on the one hand,and to epistemology and behavioural psychology, on the other. In current system science the theory of causal deterministic systems is most well developed and generally applied, while the theory of modeling with alternative structures, e.g., stochastic automata, indeterminate automata, products of asynchronous automata, etc., has not been developed to the same degree.

Brian R. Gaines

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare de NVidia, que nos presentan así:
Learn the most important terminology from "A" to "Z" utilized in deep learning linked with resources for more in-depth exploration in our glossary. (leer más...)

 Fuente: [ slideshare]

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