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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMES OF AGE The Promise and Challenge of Integrating #AI Into Cars, Healthcare & Journalism

Hoy traemos a este espacio el informe
The Promise and Challenge of Integrating AI
Into Cars, Healthcare and Journalism
David Bollier.
A Report on the
Inaugural Aspen Institute Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence m y que nos presenta así Charles M. Firestone Executive Director Communications and Society Program The Aspen Institute January 2017:


We stand at the doorstep of a significant resurgence of artificial intelligence (AI). The advances are driven by extraordinary computing power and a constellation of new technologies that range from machine-learning and neural networks to natural-language processing and knowledge representation. These AI technologies are pervasive and manifest in systems across industries throughout the world. Whether it be an AI assistant, self-driving cars, algorithmic newsfeeds, or playing chess, the widespread impact of AI systems provoke both intrigue and caution. How these artificially intelligent technologies impact our society, our economies, our governments and our well-being remains generally unknown.

It is within this space that the Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program convened its first ever Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence in August 2016. Twenty-two leaders and experts from industry, academia and the non-profit sector met and explored issues at the intersection of AI technologies, society, economy, ethics and regulation. The Roundtable encouraged participants to critically address the values that should inform AI development and to envision appropriate frameworks and public polices for its future. Specifically, discussions revolved around the promise and challenge of adopting AI technologies in three long-standing industries.

The following report, “Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age: The Promise and Challenge of Integrating AI into Cars, Healthcare and Journalism,” authored by David Bollier, traverses the realities of AI technologies and its impact on these three important sectors. As participants noted, AI systems make possible new efficiencies and spur innovation; but, they also threaten our normative ideas of work, social customs, ethical boundaries and regulatory oversight.(leer más...)

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